Cancellations and Refunds

Yes of course. We're happy to help. We know that things sometimes have to change. Life happens. We've all been there. Just talk to us via email, phone or live chat and we'll help you make the changes you need such as date and time of travel or number of passengers.
If you're thinking about cancelling, in most cases you can cancel for free up 24hrs prior to your departure for no fee at all. When that's not the case, the cancellation policy will be on your booking confirmation and the page where you booked.
Whatever happens, get in contact. We're not the bad guys here, we'll always do whatever we can to help you.
We don't offer a strict price matching policy, but if you get in contact we'll see what we can do. We believe that price is not the most important thing when you book a tour or experience. Instead we try to deliver the best products and the best customer service you've ever experienced.
But, hey, we also appreciate how it can be annoying to find a better price elsewhere, so please let us know and we'll see what we can do. We're on your side.

Payment and booking questions

Yes, security is very important to us and in fact we don't actually store your payment information. All data that goes between us and the payment processing system is encrypted to protect you against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
We also use an extra layer of security called 3D Secure which requires an extra identifier of who you are. In our case this is an SMS (also called a text message). Your bank must have your latest phone number on record and they'll send you a message with a code to complete your transaction. This way, we're 100% sure that it's you using your card and not someone else.
We want to make payment as easy as possible. You can pay with PayPal and all major credit and debit cards: Maestro, Mastercard, VISA and Visa Electron. You can also pay with MasterPass. For the moment, we don't accept American Express, but you can always set up your American Express card with a PayPal account. If you have any questions about payment, ask us a question via live chat, email or phone, we're always happy to help.
Don't worry about it. We've got this. In order to complete your booking securely (and most importantly make sure it's really you) we send an SMS (also known as a text message) to the phone number you have registered with your bank. This has a simple numeric code that you must input in order to finish your booking. However, if your bank is not up to date or you're using a different SIM card, you might not get a message. In this case, please contact us via the chat, email or phone and we'll process the order for you on your behalf.
Don't worry, this is a fairly common issue with almost all online shops and service providers. We got this. The first thing to do is to check your spam or junk folder. In Gmail (and some other providers) there might be other folders for sales related emails. We suggest that you also check all your folders.
Still don't see it? Do you have any other email addresses? Like a work email address or a Yahoo or Outlook address? We've all been there. With so many email addresses these days, there's always a chance that you used a different email address. We'd suggest checking these. If you did use the 'wrong' email address and you want us to update your details, just get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help you out.
If you still haven't found your email, there's a chance that you mispelled your email address. It's easy to do. For example did you use rather than .com? We've all done it. If that is the case, please contact us with your full name and your email address and we'll search through our bookings to find yours. Don't worry about it normally takes just a couple of minutes.
Whatever has happened, don't worry, we're on your side. We'll get things sorted. If you still haven't found your email, just contact us by email, phone or even live chat.
There is no extra booking fee for any of our tours or excursions. The price you see is the price you pay, no matter what payment method you choose.
The vast majority of our tours have instant confirmation. However, some tours and excursions are privae or bespoke and in these cases a custom arrangement might be required. However, if this is the case you will see a clear notification of this in the product description. If you don't see anything about this you can assume that you will reieve an instant booking confirmation.
Our currency conversion is based on publically available conversion rates to make your life easier. Note that these rates might be slightly different from the rates that your bank provides. However, the final payment is carried out in Euros.
We never change or inflate our prices based on currency so you don't have to worry about this. Wherever your based or whatever currency you qoute in, you'll get the same great prices as everyone else.

Questions about tours, excursions and experiences

Many of our tours offer a pick up service at certain locations or even a bespoke pick up service where you can give any address for your pick up locatin like the name of your hotel. But even if your tour or activity is based on the island of Naxos, we do also offer our own transportation services or we can organise a taxi for you for a small extra fee. Just get in contact and we'll try our hardest to deliver you the best customer service you've ever experienced!
Each activity description contains a small icon with a picture of a boot with a one word description: Easy, Medium or Hard. Our tours are run by experts and would not want to run into problems or deliver a sub-par experience so you can really rely on this description. Some activities may look difficult on paper (like hiking or kayaking) but if the description says 'Easy', you really can expect this to be the case.
Each description will provide a list of what is required such as sports shoes (not sandals) for hiking. However, if we always say that if your doing an outdoor activity of any kind or expect to be outdoors for some amount of time in the summer (for example you have free time on an island) that you have water with you. For sporting activities water will be available. We also ask you to think about whether you are used to the sun and to also think about sun-cream and possibly a hat.
Various tours are offered in a variety of languages and these will be written on the tour description. But if you don't see anythng you can be 100% sure that English will be spoken - and Greek of course.
In addition, most of the time you'll find that many people speak other languages like German and French - but we don't guarantee this. Also for many tours like excursions to the different islands, you'll find that the tour operator uses pre-recorded messages in almost every single language for really vital information like when you should return to the boat.
But please don't worry, wherever your from or whatever language you speak. All our tours and activities are run by people whose job is to make you comfortable and happy and they've got plenty of experience with all nationalties. We're sure you'll have a great experience no matter where you're from.
All our tickets are instant and electronic. After you complete your booking you'll see the option to download your tickets as a PDF and you'll also get an email with a copy of the same PDFs. When you travel you can eithe print off the tickets or have them ready on your phone
Depending on the exact tour, there will either be one ticket for the whole party or for the whole party.
Greece has escaped largely unscathed from Corona virus due to quick and sound actionn and is currently considered one of the safer places to visit. However, precautions still need to be taken. Masks must be worn in all indoor environments. For example all shops and inside boats and ferries and boats.
In addition, many tours have reduced capacity to comply with over-crowding regulations. Official laws also require those serving the public to wear face coverings and to take undertake extra cleaning. All our tour operators adhere strictly to the law to ensure your safety.
Masks can be purchased at all pharmacies in Greece and most supermarkets.
If there is a change in circumstances or regulations that could impact your booking, we'll try our best to let you know in a timely manner. However we recommend that you stay up to date by visiting The National Public Health Organization of Greece.