Your safety is our priority

Do I need to do anything?

Greece has escaped largely unscathed from Corona virus due to quick and sound action and is currently considered one of the safer places to visit even now with the latest Omicron variant. However, precautions still need to be taken. Masks must be worn in all indoor environments. For example all shops and inside boats and ferries and boats.

In addition, many tours have reduced capacity to comply with over-crowding regulations. Official laws also require those serving the public to wear face coverings and to take undertake extra cleaning. All our tour operators adhere strictly to the law to ensure your safety.

Masks can be purchased at all pharmacies in Greece and most supermarkets.

If there is a change in circumstances or regulations that could impact your booking, we'll try our best to let you know in a timely manner. However we recommend that you stay up to date by visiting The National Public Health Organization of Greece.